Online Casino SelfExclusion Scheme

Understanding and Adopting Online Casino Self-Exclusion

The Online Casino Self-Exclusion Scheme is a legal and regulatory framework that has been enforced by various government gambling authority departments and associations, in order to ensure that the online casinos follow regulation and licensing standards. The main purpose of this scheme is to ensure that players are not encouraged to gamble more money than they can afford, and are also discouraged from gambling on licensed gambling sites. By participating in the scheme, operators of online casinos have agreed to adhere to the regulations and licensing criteria set out by the UK Gambling Commission, the European Commission, the Isle of Man gambling control board and the American Gambling Impact Study Board. These groups are responsible for the regulation of the various gambling sites throughout the UK.

The scheme only applies to operators of online casinos based in the UK that operate games such as slots, blackjack and video poker. It does not apply to operators of online casino sites that exclusively offer gaming in other languages or to those with a lesser number of players. The inclusion of language other than English in the website of an online casino site does not automatically mean that the site is licensed to operate in other non-English speaking countries. If you wish to play at an online casino site that is licensed to operate in other countries, you may register with the relevant country’s regulatory body.

The principle underlying the Online Casino Self-Exclusion Scheme is that all UK gambling operators must operate in accordance with the relevant licensing criteria laid down by the Gambling Commission. In the UK, licensed operators have to display the relevant licensed trademark and accredited seals on their websites. They also need to provide information on the type of gambling conducted in each of their locations, the identity of their respective clients and the contact details. Breaches of the scheme’s regulations can result in immediate suspension or closure of an operator’s licence. Any operator caught breaching the terms and conditions of the scheme within a six month period will have to reinstate their licence.

The UPGC offers different types of UPGC Licence Holders‘ Agreement. It also makes provision for new operators of casinos who do not meet the specific eligibility requirements. Under the UPGC licence agreement, UGC licence holders are not obliged to ensure the consistent application of the law in all UK gambling areas and they are not liable to apply for additional licenses within the same territory as they hold their current licence. Moreover, operators who have fulfilled their obligations under the UPGC and have not been found to have contravened the law may apply for an exception to the UPGC examination procedure. This is known as the ‚exceptional application‘ and may give an operator the opportunity to re-apply for an unrestricted licence after they have fulfilled all the obligations that they have under the UK gambling law system.

New operators wishing to get a gambling licence in the United Kingdom may contact the Gambling Commission by email or by telephone. Applications and queries related to UPCs must be addressed to the Commission by email, or by telephone, stating the following (to the best of your knowledge): who is offering the service, the details of the services offered, the proposed type of service, the location of the proposed site, the proposed operating model, and a summary of all relevant facts and figures. It is highly recommended that these documents are submitted along with a detailed business plan as this will help the Commission assess the application and make its decisions based on the information provided. It is also important to provide all the necessary documents to the Commission upon request. The applicant may need to provide a signed statement from an authorized officer of the company confirming the accuracy of all the facts given in the application.

Online Casino Self-Exclusion Scheme allows operators of online casinos to set their own rates for gambling in UK casinos. However, the Commission will only allow a rate if the casino meets all the criteria laid down by them. To get a better understanding of the Commission’s policies on pricing, operators may want to refer to the UK gaming rules and regulatory orders at the Gambling Commission’s website. Operators will have to ensure that they provide an accurate assessment of all the costs associated with setting up and running the casinos not registered with gamstop site, as well as explaining what they will charge for gambling at each location. This article is designed to provide an explanation of Online Casino Self-Exclusion and the related processes.


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